What is a Industrial Design?

Industrial Design covers every graphic composition or aesthetic aspect of a product.

Industrial Design consists of creating the forms, configurations or compositions of shapes, lines, schemes, structures, colors, textures or materials that contain aesthetic value. Industrial Design can be a two or three dimensional pattern used to produce products, industrial commodities, or handicrafts.

Why Do You Need a Industrial Design Service?

A registered industrial design is protected as a work of art under copyright law.

Industrial design rights prevent irresponsible parties from making, selling, or importing articles bearing or embodying a design that is a copy or substantially a copy of the protected design.

What Kind of Protection Does an Industrial Design Right Offer?

Industrial design law in Indonesia protects the owner of a registered industrial design from third parties who aim to make, sell, or import articles bearing or embodying a design that is a copy, or substantially a copy, of the protected design when such acts are undertaken for commercial purposes.

How are Industrial Designs Protected?

In most countries, an industrial design must be registered to be protected under industrial design law as a ‘registered design’, and others as ‘design patents’. Some countries grant time-and scope-limited protection to so-called ‘unregistered industrial designs’.

Based on the particular national law and the kind of design, industrial designs may also be protected as works of art under copyright law.

Industrial Design Service Scope


Priority Rights, Exclusive rights, Industrial Design Rights, and the Subject of Industrial Design Rights.


Basic Protection of Industrial Design, Assignment, and License.


The Form and Content of the License Agreement, Scope of Industrial Design.


Industrial Design Protection.


Cancellation of Industrial Design.


The Legal Consequences of The Cancellation of The Registration of an Industrial Design.


The Term of Protection of Industrial Designs.


Violations and Sanctions.


The Procedure for Submission of The Application.


Application for Registration of Industrial Designs.


Petition of Objection to The Design Industry.

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