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Am Badar & Am Badar

Am Badar & Am Badar is an internationally recognized law firm and we are here to assist your patent needs.

Are you worried about someone stealing your unique inventions?

Are you tired of navigating the complex patent process alone?

Our patent law firm specializes in protecting your intellectual property.

We are ensuring your innovations are legally secured and defended. From thorough patent searches to robust prosecution and dispute resolution, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

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Patents successfully filed and defended.
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Thousands of patents registered and defended with Am Badar & Am Badar

What Benefits Will You Get?

ALL BENEFIT You’ll Get From Am Badar & Am Badar Professional Services

Am Badar & Am Badar Intellectual Property law firm provides highly integrated service regarding your patent registration needs.

Patent Annuity

Our Patent Annuity service can assist in monitoring and informing you of the imposition of annuity fees.

Patent Drafting

Our Patent Drafting service will assist you in getting through the to fulfill the technical guidelines of patent applications in Indonesia.

Patent Opposition

Patent Opposition is the legal process of challenging a patent or patent application

Patent Prosecution

Our Patent Prosecution attorneys are capable of understanding the context of your inventions.

Patent Search

Our Patent Search service assists you in conducting a pre-registration patent search.

Patent Dispute

Our Patent Dispute is the enactment of a prohibited act concerning a patented invention.

Expert Team

Our team comprises experienced attorneys

Our team comprises experienced attorneys from different backgrounds, ensuring they understand the technical details of your inventions and patent needs.

Our Achievements

We Are Globally Recognized as an Intellectual Property Law Expert

Five decades of dedication have earned Am Badar & Am Badar notable international awards and acknowledgments in the legal industry.


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IAM 1000

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Asialaw Profile

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Global 100: 2022 Winner

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Global Award 2021 Winner

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