What is a Patent Search?

An investigation of existing patents and other publicly available documents to validate your invention.

A patent search is a crucial first step to prove the novelty of your invention and ensure there are no elements of the prior art.

What is a Patent Search For?

Our Patent Search service ensures your invention’s novelty.

The attorneys will assist in conducting a pre-registration patent search. After the investigation, our patent attorneys will provide detailed opinions and insights concerning your application’s chances of being granted by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property.

Three Patentability of an Invention


An Invention is deemed to be new if the pertinent Invention is not similar to any previously disclosed technology

Inventive Steps

The invention must represent an apparent improvement over any existing available product or process. The invention also must not be predicted by someone with technical skills or knowledge of the invention’s field.

Industrial Applicability

The invention must be able to be reproduced repeatedly while retaining the same qualities

Patent registration cannot applied to:

An invention of a method for treating the human or animal body by surgery or therapy or of a diagnosis practiced on the human or animal body.

An invention that could encourage offensive, immoral or anti-social behavior, even if it satisfies the key criteria for patents.

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