What is a Trademark Search?

Any action taken to determine whether a trademark is currently used in commerce, registered, or applied for.

 A trademark search informs you on whether your mark infringes an already registered mark.

What is a Trademark Search For?

Our Trademark Search service helps you assess your chances of registering a mark.

Our Trademark Search service has the latest system for conducting quick and precise trademark searches to know whether your trademark is too similar to other registered.

How Do We Help You?

Procedure for Trademark Search

01 Instruction

The client may send their instructions via email to tdc@ambadar.co.id.

02 Offer

Once we receive your instructions, we will present a fee

03 Trademark Search

The search will immediately be carried out after the payment

04 Results

Within two working days, we will provide the results and our comprehensive opinion.

We look forward to hearing from you