What is Trademark Monitoring?

The process of scouring websites, platforms, and digital marketplaces for unauthorized use of registered trademarks.

Digital trademark infringements must be addressed quickly to protect your brand image and save your resources as efficiently as possible.

What is Trademark Monitoring For?

Our frequent Trademark Monitoring service prevents third parties from using your trademark in bad faith.

Am Badar & Am Badar’s team will review your trademark rights to provide valuable input in planning the right strategy to avoid future violations or opposition.

How Do We Help You?

Procedure for Trademark Monitoring

01 Conducting Instruction

The client is expected to provide explicit instructions regarding the trademark monitoring.

02 Trademark Monitoring

The team will conduct trademark monitoring in under five days.

03 Results

After the monitoring, we will present the end results to the client.

04 Input

The team will also provide strategic advice based on the results.

We look forward to hearing from you