Plant Variety Protection

What is a Plant Variety Protection?

Special protection granted by the government for new plant varieties and its development.

This protection is represented by the Government and its implementation is carried out by the Plant Variety Protection Office for plant varieties produced by plant breeders through breeding activities.

Why Do You Need a Plant Variety Protection Service?

Variety protection provides exclusive rights to the plant and its development.

Developing plant varieties can take decades to succeed, but not all development of new plant varieties is guaranteed to be successful. To offset these efforts, breeders can obtain protection to gain exclusive ownership of the new variety.

What is Plant Variety?

Plant variety is a group of crops/plants from one type or species that is denoted by its shape, growth, leaves, flowers, fruits, seed and its genetic characteristics or genetic combination that can be differentiated from similar types or species by at least one determining attribute and when reproduced do not experience any change.

Terms of Plant Variety Protection


The plant must be able to be distinguished from the existing varieties.


The public must not yet know the species.


The plant has uniform outer appearance.


The plant can be planted anywhere according to agroecological recommendations and will have the same characteristics.

Period of Plant Variety Protection

The term of protection of PVP is divided into two, for crops protection period of 20 years counted from the grant date PVP. Meanwhile, for annual plants, the protection period is 25 years, calculated from the date the PVP rights were granted.

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