What is Litigation and Dispute?

The disagreement between parties regarding a right.

The Ligitation and Dispute service resolves rights-based conflicts through the court system, from applying a lawsuit, formal exchange of information, courtroom trial, and appeal.

Why Do You Need Litigation and Dispute Service?

The right Litigation and Dispute service helps you maintain the professional image.

Our Litigation lawyers in Jakarta have extensive knowledge and vast experience in handling various areas of IP cases, and they are more than capable of providing the right strategy in processing from commercial courts to high courts in Indonesia.

Litigation and Dispute Services

The All-Around Service of Our Law Firm

Am Badar & Am Badar Intellectual Property law firm provides extensive service regarding your Litigation and Dispute needs.

IP Cancellation Action

Our IP Cancellation Action service can assist the legal process of commercial courts to the high courts.

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IP Cautionary Notice

Our IP Cautionary Notice service can draft warning letters to discourage third parties from violating your IP rights.

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Document Handling

Our Document Handling service includes representing you in legalizing important documents.

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Intellectual Property Investigation

Our Intellectual Property Investigation service works with reputable agencies to provide the best results.

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Legal Assistance

Our Legal Assistance service is provided to reduce your legal concerns.

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Our Negotiation service provides the best solution for your legal issues.

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Company Name Search

Our Company Name Search can help you find company names in Indonesia in less than two days.

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