What is Trademark Prosecution?

Examination process for Trademark applications to determine differences with other registered Trademarks.

The Trademark prosecution process aims to compare your Trademark with existing Trademarks before the application is submitted.

What is a Trademark Prosecution For?

Our Trademark Prosecution service ensures your mark is dissimilar to previously registered trademarks.

Am Badar & Am Badar’s Trademark Prosecution service ensures the best possible process for your trademark application.

How Do We Help You?

Procedure of Trademark Prosecution

01 Conducting Instruction

The client is expected to provide explicit instructions regarding the trademark prosecution.

02 Document Completion

To secure exclusive rights to the trademark, the client must complete the necessary documents.

03 Application Process

After completing the documents, we proceed to file the applications.

04 Counter Preparation

In case of opposition, we will notify you and collaborate on formulating solid arguments.

05 Registration

The client’s trademark is registered.

06 Last Step

In the end, the client will receive a trademark registration certificate.

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