What is a Patent?

Patent is the right granted by law to the owner of an invention.

Patent service prevents others from misusing the inventions or innovations discovered by inventors in the field of technology, including products, processes, or improvements and developments of these products. In Indonesia, patent protection is valid for 20 years from the filing date and can be extended with annual fee payments.

What is a Patent?

Patents allow inventors to get the maximum benefits of their inventions.

A registered patent would prevent others from exploiting your invention and help raise funds for your business, license it for commercial returns, or sell the patented invention.

Three Patentability Criteria of an Invention


An Invention is deemed to be new if the pertinent Invention is not similar to any previously disclosed technology.

Inventive Steps

The invention must represent an apparent improvement over any existing available product or process. The invention also must not be predicted by someone with technical skills or knowledge of the invention’s field.

Industrial Applicability

The invention must be able to be reproduced repeatedly while retaining the same qualities.

Patent registration are not applicable for:

An invention of a method for treating the human or animal body by surgery or therapy or of a diagnosis practiced on the human or animal body.

An invention that could encourage offensive, immoral, or antisocial behavior, even if it satisfies the key criteria for patents.

Patent Services

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Am Badar & Am Badar Intellectual Property law firm provides a variety of high quality patent related services, such as: patent searching, patent opposition, patent drafting, patent annuity, among others.

Patent Dispute

Our Patent Dispute is the enactment of a prohibited act concerning a patented invention.

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Patent Search

Our Patent Search service assists you in conducting a pre-registration patent search.

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Patent Prosecution

Our Patent Prosecution attorneys are capable of understanding the context of your inventions.

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Patent Opposition

Patent Opposition is the legal process of challenging a patent or patent application

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Patent Drafting

Our Patent Drafting service will assist you in getting through the to fulfill the technical guidelines of patent applications in Indonesia.

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Patent Annuity

Our Patent Annuity service can assist in monitoring and informing you of the imposition of annuity fees.

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