Salma Nur Vita Angraini

Pharmacy & Chemical Specialist
Salma Nur Vita Angraini


Salma Nur Vita Angraini is one of our pharmacy and chemical specialists. After earning her Bachelor’s degree, she followed it by enrolling herself in the Pharmacist Professional Study program. These experiences have aided her to become a dedicated and capable specialist.


  • Advising a multinational corporation and the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones regarding the substantive examination step of patent registry.
  • Advising a Chinese pharmaceutical company in registering their patents in Indonesia.
  • Advising an ivy league university on their patents related to Covid. 
  • Advising a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in China with a focus on research on patent related concerns.

Education & Achievement

Bandung Institute of Technology
School of Pharmacy
Bandung Institute of Technology
Pharmacist Professional Study Program
Top 5 of The Global Design for UNICEF Challenge Fall

Field of Expertise