Be careful in posting movie footage on social media

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Be careful in posting movie footage on social media

We often see people uploading cut scenes of a cinema movie on their social media. Not a few of these social media users do not know that posting the footage from the film show might have a bad risk for them because it can be categorized as a copyright infringement of the creator of the film.

It is categorized as a Copyright infringement if what is displayed is a substantial part which is the core part of the film. Furthermore, it is deemed to have violated the copyright since it violates the reasonable interests of the copyright’s holder, in this case, the producer of the film. The producer as the holder of the copyright of the film can file a civil suit for loss or decrease of audience. In addition, it can also be reported as an act of piracy because it was distributed without the permission of the copyright’s holder.

However, if what is uploaded is an unsubstantial part of the film, for example the title, then that is not considered as a violation. A better step to take is before uploading or posting, it would be good to ask permission from the copyright’s holder first and include the source of the post to avoid unwanted things as stipulated in the Copyright Law No. 28 of 2014 Article 44 paragraph 1 which reads that “the use, taking, duplication, and / or alteration of a Work and / or related Rights of product in whole or in part is not considered as a Copyright Infringement if the source is fully stated or listed for purposes :

(A) Education, research, scientific thesis, report writing, criticizing or reviewing an issue without prejudice to the reasonable interests of the Creator or Copyright’s holder;

(B) the security and governance, legislative, and judicial;

(C) lectures are only for the purpose of education and science; or

(D) a show or performance that are free of charge with the provision that it does not harm the reasonable interests of the Creator.

In order to avoid the above violations, then, be a smart, creative social media user without having to harm the related parties who created the work.

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