Dual Claims of Copyright Lawsuit Against Big Tech Companies

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These days, when discussing the AI training process, the focus often turns to copyright infringement. After perusing the piece on the Generative AI and Copyright Controversy, numerous conflicts become evident between Artists and prominent AI Tech Companies. Notably, a recent dual-claim copyright infringement case unfolded involving Anna Silverman against both OpenAI and Meta. What lies behind these disputes? To uncover the answer, please delve into the complete article provided below.

Creations as Data to Train the AI 

The data entered into the AI training system must be selected first. But the fact is, there is no general standard, formula, index, or volume to be a selected measurement of those data. The complexity of the AI training process can cause a mess in the learning module and fail to detect the licenses of the creation as data. So that is why, in the latest case, there are so many disputes between Artists and AI companies.

Copyright Lawsuits Against Two Big Tech Companies

A Writer and Comedian named Sarah Silverman filed two lawsuits at once against two large technology companies, OpenAI and Meta. He rubbed the lawsuit because he thinks ChatGPT, OpenAI, and LLaMA Meta took his training data, which is his work but was accessed from several illegal sites.

Against OpenAI, he filed a lawsuit because there was an injunction process on ChatGPT, which could provide a summary of his book entitled Bedwetter Silverman and Golden Ararat. The claim says the chatbot has never bothered to “reproduce any copyright management information that Plaintiffs have included with their published works.”

Although the lawsuit against Meta was filed separately, the suit is similar to the case against OpenAI. The author’s book was accessible in the dataset Meta used to train its LLaMA model through unauthorized origins, one of which is called ThePile, assembled by EleutherAI. According to ThePile, compiled from “copy of “Bibliotic” private tracker content and other “shadow libraries,” it is “highly illegal.”

Both claims show that they “disapprove of the use of their copyrighted books as training materials” for enterprise AI models. Their lawsuits contain six charges of various types of copyright infringement, negligence, unfair enrichment, and unfair competition. The authors are seeking statutory damages, refunds, and more.

How Should These Companies Seek Permission from Artists?

As big multinational tech companies, they must be able to pay more attention to the legal aspects contained in their company’s operating system. These legal aspects include not only aspects related to copyright but also other legal aspects of intellectual property. Because if the disputes continue, it can cause a lot of losses and even bankruptcy for the company. Therefore, they need to pay attention to the type of license granted by the artists for the works they produce.

The license is a written permission given by the copyright holder or owner of related rights to another party to exercise economic rights over his creation or product-related rights under certain conditions. In the digital sphere, currently, there is also a type of license that is generally used by sites providing digital works, the Creative Commons license. In CC licenses, requesting permission directly from the original creator is unnecessary. Still, it is necessary to pay attention to what type of CC license is labeled for work with the original creator’s consent. To learn about this CC license in full, you can read it in the following article.

How to Get Professional Legal Help

To deal with legal issues like what happened in this case, you will definitely need to consult legal experts to protect your creative work from being used carelessly by other parties. Even if you are on the part of the entrepreneur involved in a dispute, you will definitely need legal assistance from an advocate and legal consultant to deal with all legal issues in your company. Seeing the potential for legal problems in the digital realm, as happened in this case, Am Badar & Am Badar contribute to providing services related to intellectual property law disputes, intellectual property registration, intellectual property legal consultations, and monitoring your intellectual property assets so that they are always protected. From legal disputes that could harm your business. If you need quality intellectual property law services, don’t hesitate to contact us via ambadar@ambadar.co.id






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