Should Authors Pursue International Copyright for Their Works?

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International copyright services are often overlooked by authors when they share their literary works globally. However, these services are crucial in preventing piracy. If you’re an author in this position, it’s advisable to safeguard your literary creations with the assistance from an IP law firm

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4 Things about Copyright that Every Writer Should Know

1. What is Copyright Ownership? 

It indicates you have certain moral and economic rights over your works. Including the right to do or authorize others to do the following:

  • Adapt or other forms of reproduction of the work;
  • Commercialize, distribute, and sell the work;
  • Produce derivative works, including abridgments, translations, adaptations, and sequels; and
  • Publicly exhibit or perform the work, either in an abridged or live format.

2. When Does Copyright Expires?

The sum of your lifetime and seventy years. Should an individual produce a work at present and continue to live for an additional four decades, the copyright will endure for a period of 110 years.

3. What is Safeguarded under Copyright Legislation?

As stipulated in Article 40 of Indonesian Copyright Law, protected works include scientific, artistic, and literary Works. This includes books, songs, movies, choreography, etc.

4. Are works protected internationally?

Although there is no such entity as worldwide copyright, numerous nations have signed treaties that guarantee reciprocal acceptance of copyrights, such as the Berne Convention. 

Besides the Berne Convention, there are other international conventions related to copyright laws. One notable development is the proposal of EU Proposes AI Copyright Laws.

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