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A copyright dispute is when an individual or entity faces allegations of using copyrighted material without proper authorization, leading to a legal dispute. It arises when someone utilizes copyrighted material that violates the exclusive rights of its owners.

A copyright dispute can be a serious legal issue. Therefore, understanding the steps to take when facing such a claim is crucial to mitigating its impact on your time and financial resources.

6 Tips on Handling Copyright Disputes

Receiving a legal notice alleging copyright infringement can be overwhelming, but staying composed and strategically addressing the situation effectively is essential. Here are several tips to guide you through the process:

1. Do Not Panic

A legal letter is only as powerful as its legal arguments. Take the time to review it calmly, checking details such as the legal entity’s name and the claim’s specifics.

2. Avoid Contacting the Other Party

Sometimes, a pre-action copyright claim may pressure you into agreeing to binding agreements. It’s crucial not to succumb to such tactics.

3. Immediately Remove Alleged Infringing Material

Regardless of the claim’s validity, taking down contested material shows a commitment to addressing the issue seriously and minimizes potential damage.

4. Do Not Attempt to Profit from Alleged Infringement

Profiting from material under copyright dispute may expose you to financial risks. It’s advisable to suspend the sale of any contested material until the claim is resolved.

5. Consult an Intellectual Property Lawyer/Solicitor

Seeking legal advice from professionals like Am Badar’s Copyright Service is essential to assess the accuracy and severity of the claim.

An experienced lawyer can guide you in responding appropriately, whether dismissing the claim, mitigating its severity, or minimizing financial exposure.

6. Engage with the Other Party via Legal Representation

After reviewing the claim, let your legal team communicate with the other party. This may lead to a resolution through a detailed reply, counter-offer, settlement, or even dismissal of the claim.

How to Resolve a Copyright Infringement Dispute 

Resolving disputes related to copyright infringement requires careful consideration of various factors. Here are critical considerations for choosing an appropriate dispute resolution mechanism:

1. Define the End Goal

First, understand whether your aim is better served through litigation or off-court negotiations with the other party. Courts offer less flexibility, are more costly, and are generally more time-consuming than direct negotiation or mediation.

2. Consider Time, Effort, and Money

Next, evaluate the resources available for resolving the dispute. Courts operate on fixed timescales, and legal procedures can be complex, requiring professional representation.

3. Assess the Other Party’s Attitude

Please note that the dispute resolution approach varies based on the infringer’s attitude. Dealing with an apologetic party may differ significantly from addressing a flagrant or large corporation.

In resolving the intricacies of a copyright dispute, seeking professional assistance becomes paramount. Am Badar is an IP law firm based in Indonesia. We offer comprehensive services in copyright-related matters, including Copyright Service. To get more information about the service, you can access the insight page, service, or contact us!


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