The History and Transformation of Coca Cola’s Logo

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Who here isn’t familiar with Coca-Cola? The carbonated soft drink brand can be found in almost every place, from hypermarkets, fast food restaurants, beverage vending machines, to roadside stalls. Until now, Coca-Cola has been marketed in more than 200 countries in the world. But did you know? Coca-Cola has apparently changed its brand logo more than 10 times!


At first, Coca-Cola was promoted as a patent medicine that could cure various diseases, such as morphine addiction, indigestion, nervous disorders, headaches, and infertility. This finding stems from a fairly severe wound that John Stith Pemberton received when he was stabbed by a sword in the Battle of Columbus in April 1865.


The first logo used in advertisements in newspapers during 1986–1987. It does not have a registration symbol because the Coca-Cola company has not been registered with the patent office, and the new trademark was officially granted a few years later.

The first logo variation to apply diamond-like dots, used in 1890-1891.

On January 31, 1893, Coca-Cola managed to register a trademark at the local patent office, then the “TRADEMARK” mark was applied to the letter “C” Coca.

Statue of John Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

John then took a lot of morphine to relieve pain which eventually made him addicted to using morphine. Because he was determined to get rid of his morphine addiction, John started experimenting with Coca leaves mixed with sugar. After trying various experiments using different ingredients, John finally tried to combine Coca leaves, which are known as the basic ingredients of cocaine (painkillers) and Cola seeds which are rich in caffeine. The results of these experiments created Coca & Cola syrup.

John’s experiments did not stop there, with the belief that Coca & Cola syrup would be loved by many people, John attempted to combine the syrup with carbonated water. Although, at first Coca & Cola syrup was created as a drug called a “Neural Tonic,” in the end John decided to start a coke company based on Coca & Cola syrup.


As time passed, in 1886, an accountant named Frank Robinson offered better marketing services, even Frank who proposed the name and created the Coca-Cola logo. Still in the same year, John Pemberton and founded a company called Coca-Cola.

Because John’s addiction to morphine did not go away, John finally decided to sell Coca-Cola to businessman Asa Griggs Candler in 1888. Under the management of Asa Griggs Candler, with his great marketing techniques, Coca-Cola dominated the soft drink market in the 19th century. 20.

The Coca-Cola logo changed during the early days of the Coca-Cola company, one of the reasons being that many of the creatives were hand-painted so it was quite difficult to copy the same logo, but the Red and White color scheme was kept simple to make it distinctive. In the early 20th century, the image was made more consistent.

Except in 1985, when the logo was made more upright, unfortunately that didn’t last long as negative comments kept coming from Coca-Cola enthusiasts. Until now, Coca-Cola had changed the logo several times, but never removed the distinctive Coca-Cola writing.

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