Football Streaming Operators Jailed

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In the age of the internet, piracy has become an all too common phenomenon. With just a few clicks, anyone can delve into a vast digital world where virtually any copyrighted content is readily available for free– challenging the very foundations of intellectual property rights. Among the numerous illicit activities that have thrived in this digital Wild West, the unauthorized streaming of sports events has emerged as a prominent concern.

As the demand for live sports streams continues to rise, the internet has become a breeding ground for unscrupulous individuals and platforms, making it remarkably effortless for fans to indulge in the thrill of the game without ever paying. Recently, however, it has been reported in the UK that some of the prominent illegal football streaming operations has been grinded to a halt and dealt with severe punishments.

Football fans might have heard (or even used) of Flawless, Shared VPS and Optimal (also known to as Cosmic).  These are illegal streaming operators that offered access to watch Premier League matches, hundreds of channels from around the world as well as of thousands of films and TV shows. These small operations only employed only 30 people, yet they have been involved in more than 50,000 customers and resellers, with amazing reported earnings in excess of £7million in five years.

According to reports, the five people involved in the operations have been jailed for a total of 30 years and seven months at Chesterfield Justice Centre. Sadly, one of them has also been charged of unrelated offences related to possession of “indecent child imagery”.


Lessons to learn

The case of illegal football streaming operations in the UK highlights the importance of strict enforcement and severe penalties to deter piracy. By cracking down on illegal streaming platforms, the authorities in the UK have sent a strong message that piracy and similar practices will not be tolerated.

Indonesia, being a nation with a significant online presence, as well as millions of passionate football fans, should take note of such developments. Despite having laws protecting intellectual property rights, the enforcement of these laws within the country has often been inconsistent, further hampered by the general society’s ignorance and indifference towards the importance of IP.

This leniency towards piracy not only slows the growth of legitimate businesses and stifles innovation but could also have a negative impact on the overall economy. Therefore, it is essential to adopt a more rigorous approach towards piracy, as well as awareness among the general public about the negative consequences of piracy and promoting legal alternatives for accessing copyrighted content.

It is also possible to collaborate with international partners and organizations to enhance its ability in tackling piracy effectively. Sharing best practices, technological expertise, and intelligence on emerging piracy trends can significantly aid in combating this global problem.

In conclusion, Indonesia has much to learn from the UK’s recent crackdown on illegal streaming operations. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of dealing with piracy and the need for stricter enforcement measures. By taking decisive action, Indonesia can protect the rights of creators, foster a climate of innovation, and contribute to the growth of economy.

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