World Industrial Design Day

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Today, every 29th of June, the international design community celebrates World Industrial Design Day. This is the time to recognize brilliant designers, their innovative designs, and the industrial design itself as a discipline. World Industrial Design Day was initially proposed by the World Design Organization, with 29th June being chosen as it was the date of WDO’s establishment.

True to its name, World Design Organization is a group founded in 1957 that consists of international organizations dedicated to advancing the discipline of industrial design. Initially, they were called the International Council of Societies of Industrial Designers and had only 12 member organizations. This number has since grown to over 170 member organizations in more than 40 nations. They have also been granted “Special Consultative Status” by the United Nations– a recognition concerning special competence in, and are concerned specifically with, specific fields covered by the ECOSOC.

In realizing their commitment to industrial design, the WDO routinely organizes programs that are held in various nations, such as;  World Design CapitalWorld Design Corporate Circles, and of course, World Industrial Design Day.

World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) has been held since 2008. Each edition of WIDD explores different themes, ensuring comprehensive explorations of industrial design from many angles. For example, in 2018, the WIDD approached the topic of health, specifically on industrial design’s role in improving users’ mental and physical wellbeing. Meanwhile, in 2021, the topics of inclusivity and diversity were explored– how the design industry could be more embracing of a diversity of ideas and designers from any background.

This year, the central theme is “Leadership”. WIDD 2022 will discuss the potential of industrial design to drive change on a global scale. Various essential figures in the design world will come as speakers, such as Ryan Jongwoo Choi, Principal Industrial Designer for the computer equipment manufacturer Logitech. He and, along with former Google Creative Director June Shim will share their experiences as designers for global companies.

Eye Free, was designed by Choi to help people with vision problems to look at a digital screen without needing their glasses.

In additionthe deputy head of the School of Design Innovation, Victoria University of Wellington David Hakaraia, will share how to design while still maintaining authenticity, with regard to his experience in developing a contemporary visual language based on M?ori culture. Notice how Halaraia implements elements of M?ori culture in his work, as shown below.

Furthermore, WIDD 2022 offers diverse perspectives even from outside corporate circles. A testament to the power and potential of industrial design. Gustavo Chelles designed voting machines for Brazilian elections. He will explain how designers can influence the leadership system through political engagement and “social design”.

How important is industrial design?

Industrial design is robust. Nave entrepreneurs may underestimate the power of a strong design, but in actuality, it could be the deciding factor in the marketability of a product. Furthermore, industrial design is not just an effective marketing tool but could also drive significant changes on a global scale.

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