Intellectual Property in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 offers unexpected surprises, especially when it comes to technological advances. Rows of technological sophistication were exhibited in this football competition every four years.

The World Cup, which took place from November 20 to December 18, was the last world cup that presented 32 participating countries in 64 rounds of play. The eyes of football fans will no doubt be focused here, gathering and witnessing a football party full of surprises, entertainment and, of course, wrapped in the latest innovations.

But not only innovation related to patents, other intellectual property rights (IPR), such as Trademarks and Copyrights, are also inseparable from the holding of this World Cup. How are the details? Here’s the explanation:


1.       PATENT

  • Al-Rihla

The name of the ball used in the match at this event is the first ball in which there is technology to provide knowledge about the ball’s movement, which helps the Semi-Automated Offside Technology (SAOT) system carry out its duties. This technology is an innovation, so Intellectual Property Rights can protect this invention. Interestingly, the Al – Rihla ball is a collaboration between Adidas and PT Global Way, a company from Indonesia,  in the city of Madiun.

  • Semi-Automated Offside Technology (SAOT)

Meanwhile, SAOT itself is an innovative development of the Video Assistance Referee (VAR), which was previously made to speed up the decision making of the referee in determining whether a player’s position is offside or onside. This SAOT technology is patented by the Sony Group company, as a provider for the VAR system at the 2022 world cup.

  • Energy Efficient Cooling System

With the air temperature in Qatar warmer than in European countries, getting the cooling system in and around the stadium is challenging. At the world cup 2022, a new solar-powered cooling system was introduced, which is a new invention, by cooling the air temperature from outside the stadium before being introduced into the stadium. As a result, players and spectators can feel the temperature of the stadium at 20 degrees. Uniquely, Dr Saud Abdulaziz Abdul Ghani, Professor of Engineering from Qatar University, chose not to patent this invention so that countries with other hot climates can use the technology freely.

2.       Trademark

According to the law in force in Indonesia, trademark rights are exclusive rights granted by the state to trademark owners who have registered for a certain time by using the trademark themselves or by permitting other parties to use it.

In the 2022 Qatar World Cup, those that have been registered as trademarks owned by FIFA are:

–         The Fifa World Cup

–          The Official Emblem of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

–          The Official Mascot

–          Al-Rihla

–          The Official Slogan

–          The Fifa Corporate Mark

–          The Official Typeface “Qatar 2022”


3.       Desain Industri

Industrial Design is a creation of a shape, configuration, or composition of lines or colours, or lines and colours, or a combination thereof in a three-dimensional or two-dimensional form which gives an aesthetic impression and can be realized in a three-dimensional or two-dimensional pattern and can be used to produce a product, item, industrial commodity, or handicraft.

Therefore, the following things are objects of Industrial Design Intellectual Property:

1. Ticket design

2. Official Merchandise

3. Ball design

4. Stadium design

5. National team jersey

6. Player shoes


4.       Trade Secret

Trade Secret is information that is not known by the public in the field of technology and/or business, has economic value because it is useful in business activities, and is kept confidential by the owner of the Trade Secret.

There are a lot of trade secrets in the football industry in this 4th annual football event, 2 of which are the special process of making the ball and the data of the spectators who watch in the stadium.


5.       Copyright

Copyright is the creator’s exclusive right that arises automatically based on the declarative principle after creation is realized in a tangible form without reducing restrictions in accordance with statutory provisions.

In football, especially at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, there are lots of copyrighted components in it, some of which are:

  1. Photo taken during the match

  2. Video taken during the game

  3. World Cup Song

  4. jingles

  5. Logos

  6. mascot

  7. Broadcast rights


Those are some things that can be protected by the Intellectual Property Rights of the Fifa World Cup 2022 football match in Qatar.


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