Introducing Our IP Experts Team for INTA 2023

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An IP expert, in general, must have suitable qualifications to provide optimal services to clients. Our IP experts at Am Badar & Am Badar always try to improve their self-quality to become well-educated. As a quote says, “Everyone is a teacher, every place is a school,” meaning that as learners, our IP experts must be adaptive to take knowledge and lessons from anywhere and anyone.

Our IP experts are not only people who understand intellectual property rights in depth but also people with integrity, conscientiousness, communicative, adaptive, and cultured personalities. As our work culture says, “AMBADAR” (Accurate, Measurable, Bestow, Ambitious, Dedicated, Appreciative, and Reliable), you can see our qualified IP experts accustomed to implementing this culture at work. So you will not hesitate to build a network with them.

During the five decades Am Badar & Am Badar existed, we have carried out our duties according to the work culture to achieve the company’s vision and mission to become “The Most Reliable and Comprehensive Intellectual Property Law firm in the World.” Through the aegis of our IP team at the company, we finally won several national and international awards.

With the several awards and suitable predicates given to Am Badar & Am Badar, it is our responsibility to maintain the quality of our services.

One of our ways to introduce the quality of Am Badar & Am Badar on the international stage is by participating in the International Trademark Association (INTA). By participating in an annual international event like INTA, our IP experts can establish a good network with other law offices or multinational companies. They can also learn something new, especially about IP law, to improve our services’ quality.

Our delegations will introduce Am Badar & Am Badar as a law firm from Indonesia that provide intellectual property rights services. Here is a profile of our team, who will be attending INTA 2023 and are ready to collaborate with you in Singapore.



After reading this article to get to know us at a glance, we will be delighted if you want to collaborate or become our client at Am Badar & Am Badar. If you’re going to collaborate or need quality IP services from our qualified IP experts, contact us at

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