Met Gala in IP Viewpoint

Met Gala is an annual fashion exhibition held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute as a charity program. As a fundraiser for the Museum, this event was held by inviting well-known international figures such as celebrities, models, and musicians. Proceeds from the charity will be donated to care for tens of thousands of Costume Institute collections.

The theme for the Met Gala 2023 is “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty” as a tribute to the work of a fashion designer named Karl Lagerfeld, who has produced many works such as Fendi, Channel and his eponymous brand during his lifetime.

As we all know, the works created by fashion designers are a form of intellectual property. So that there are aspects that should be protected by intellectual property, then what are the elements of intellectual property that can be protected in the met gala event?

  1. Copyright: Fashion designers who create clothing for the Met Gala own the copyright to their work. This means that other entities can’t copy or modify their work without the permission or approval of the designer. The images and videos from the event are also considered as copyrighted works and may not be produced or distributed without the permission of the copyright owner.
  2. Trademarks: Several leading fashion brands and companies sponsor or partner with the Met Gala. Their marks and logos are considered registered trademarks and are protected by intellectual property laws. The use of these trademarks must be in accordance with the rules and approval of the owner.
  3. Industrial Design: The interior design, lighting and decorations used in the Met Gala event can be considered industrial design. This means that they can be protected by intellectual property rights such as patents or industrial designs and may not be imitated or copied without the permission or approval of the creator.
  4. Patent: Some technologies can be used to enhance the Met Gala experience, such as apps that can be used to help diners navigate a room or purchase tickets. Such technology may be protected by intellectual property rights such as patents or copyrights.
  5. Trade Secret: Clothing or accessories worn by models at the Met Gala may also be considered trade secrets. Trade secrets include confidential business information such as design, technology or production methods. Legal protection for trade secrets is usually related to nondisclosure agreements between the owner of the trade secret and the third parties involved.

In order to protect their intellectual property rights, fashion designers will usually take steps to ensure that their models are properly protected. This can include engaging intellectual property law attorneys to ensure compliance with intellectual property law and acting on violations of their rights.

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