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International is being busy facing the corona virus, i.e.COVID-19. Some scientists in this world are attempting to find anti-virus of COVID-19 in order to overcome massively dissemination of the corona virus.

The Chinese scientist has currently filed a patent application owned by Gilead Sciences Inc in China Patent & Trademark Office. Unfortunately, his invention cannot be licensed or approved in nowhere of this world.

For the information, this patent application has been made on January 21, 2020 and after the medicine is being tested to the patient, it shows pre-effective sign. However, it should be examined in detail and further clinical tested to ensure efficacious of the medicine. The invention of this medicine is known as Remdesivir.

Unexpectedly, the Indonesian scientist is now developing an original propolis compound of Indonesia produced by Tetragonula biroi affbees as an alternative treatment and prevention of dissemination of corona virus (Covid-19).

Dr. Eng. Muhamad Sahlan, S.Si. M.Eng., a scientist of Engineering Faculty of Indonesia University, is currently conducting the research.

“Something is interesting for me, this tested propolis have a characteristic to block a process of virus clinging toward human cell which is similar to N3 compound. By using a model structure of existing COVID-19, propolis compounds are tested to know whether it can form binding of COVID-19 virus compared to N3 compound binding.” said Sahlan who has  researched propolis for 9 (nine) years.

Further, the result of examination indicates that 3 (three) of 9 (nine) existing compounds in original propolis of Indonesia are better glutinous in COVID-19 virus. Here are the following results: N3 compound is marked -8, Sulawesins a is marked -7.9, Sulawesins b is marked -7.6, and deoxypodophyllotoxin is marked -7.5.

“Thus, more negative mark of compound indicates more powerful ability of compound clinging on COVID-19 virus. It causes virus unable to reproduce in human active cell.” said Sahlan regarding his test result.

“This research is still not in phase of clinical test since Indonesia just published a positive patient of Corona on Monday (2/3). This research result is absolutely promising to develop as an alternative medicine in Indonesia to cure or decrease dissemination of corona virus in Indonesia and other countries.” said Dr. Ir. Hendri D.S. Budiono, M.Eng., Dean of FTUI.

At this time, the research conducted by Dr. Eng. Muhamad Sahlan, S.Si, M. Eng.and his team is now in phase of identifying potential compounds to develop as COVID-19 medicine. Next phase is optimizing those compounds before conducting clinical test and medicine development.

Effort and hard work over the research of scientist from China, Indonesia, or other countries are really needed to overcome this global epidemic, considering more than 5,000 people died so far. By inventing efficacious medicine, it should overcome and certainly stop epidemic of corona virus (COVID-19).



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