Exciting New Patents from Indonesia’s Leading Bio-Tech Company

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The year 2022 has not been here long enough, but our country has started a new chapter in the journey of Intellectual Property (IP), including a series of cases of IP violations that began to appear in mid-February.

However, in the midst of the many cases of Intellectual Property infringement, we do have one good news. An Indonesian bio-tech company produced new innovations with large-scale potential in the field of medicine and acquired two new patents for them.

The patent was registered by PT Natura Nuswantara Nirmala alias Nucleus Farma who discovered two inventions in the form of the process of making sea cucumber hydrolyzate (Stichopus Variegatus) as a raw material for pharmaceutical preparations with patent number P00201907575.

While the other invention is in the form of health supplements containing extracts of snakehead fish (Channa Striata), temulawak (Curcuma Xanthorrhiza), and Moringa (Moringa Oleifera). The supplement is produced in the form of a ready-to-drink liquid with patent number P00201908169.

Benefits of Nucleus Farma’s Inventions

The two findings of Nucleus Farma discussed in this article are sensational, considering the great benefits they offer for the community. The active substance of sea cucumber hydrolyzate is useful for producing drugs that could be used for joints and the treatment of osteoporosis and atherosclerosis.

Through its website, Nucleus Farma explained, the active substance of hydrolyzate is a natural drug development using MOA or Mechanism of Action and drug delivery mechanism.

Samuel Wirjawan, CEO of Supahabu, a company affiliated with Nucleus Farma, stated that the discovery of the process of making sea cucumber hydrolyzate as a raw material for pharmaceutical preparations is the first in the world. Moreover, Nucleus Farma and BRIN-Chemical Research Center succeeded in isolating a type of terpenoid glycoside which is an anticancer substance in their research process into the sea cucumber hydrolyzate substance.

No less interesting, the second invention is in the form of a health supplement known to the public as Onoiwa MX. During clinical trials, this supplement showed a high benefit when combating COVID-19 in patients with moderate symptoms.

This discovery is fascinating as well as valuable not only for this country, but also for the world, considering we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is what makes Nucleus Farma publish their findings in an international journal, the European Journal of Molecular and Clinical Medicine.

Nucleus Farma is no stranger to high achievements, considering that it is the first Indonesian company to receive a The International Certificate of Recognition from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

These inventions are just a few of Nucleus Farma’s efforts in creating a healthy Indonesia with natural and quality remedies. Through its website, Nucleus Farma lists a number of values ??that the company upholds: innovation, integrity and commitment to society. Thus, the two inventions which become the main context in this article, are the realization of these values.

What Can We Learn Through The Inventions?

The positive impact of these two inventions has two levels, namely the surface level and the deep level. The surface level includes the invention itself and its benefits, such as the usefulness of Onoiwa MX in assisting the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

While the inner level includes encouragement and inspiration that arise in the community. The company’s innovation should act as a driving force for the productivity, creativity, and inventiveness of the Indonesian people.

The push for productivity to the community will produce results in the form of new findings or creations that will be able to provide benefits to the community. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that creative and innovative minds drive the wheels of development and the Indonesian economy.

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