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Patents are exclusive rights granted by the state to inventors for their innovations in the field of technology for a specific amount of time, according to Article 1 paragraph 1 of Law Number 13 of 2016.

So, what exactly is an invention? Invention means the inventor’s idea which is put into a specific problem-solving activity in the realm of technology as in form of a product or process, or it is improved and developed into a product or process. The Inventor is one or more individuals who work together to carry out the ideas that are put into the activities which result in the invention.

The protection duration for patents and simple patents differs as well; patents have a 20-year protection period, while simple patents have a 10-year protection period. Patents and Simple Patents do not have an extension period. Therefore, after the protection period expires, the innovation becomes public domain, allowing anybody to create and sell it.

The difference between a Patent and a Simple Patent are:


1. Basic Comprehension

A patent is defined as a new invention that includes an innovative step and may be used in industry. A simple patent covers any new invention, development of an existing product, or procedure that may be used in industry.


2. Duration of Protection

The Patent protection duration is set at 20 years in Article 22 paragraph 1 of the Patent Law, whereas a Simple Patent is set at 10 years in Article 23 paragraph 1 of the Patent Law.


3. Claims Number

A patent can claim an unlimited number of innovations, but a basic patent can only claim one invention. The claim is the portion of the invention that will be claimed, such as the creation of the shoe that allows the wearer to fly; the portion of the invention that the inventor can claim is the technology that allows the shoe to fly.


4. Technology

The Simple Patent’s technical growth is, as the name says, simpler than that of the Patent.


Hereby examples of Patent:

  • The discovery of Mr. B.J Habibie in the form of formulas and tools that can calculate aircraft cracks properly called Aeronautics.
  • The “home” button on the iPhone where this technology is completely new and there is no other smartphone like it.
  • Brain activity scanner.
  • Cell membrane fuel.
  • Automatic home cleaning technology (broom and electric mop).


Meanwhile, the examples of a Simple Patent are:

  • The combination of an umbrella and a hat, so that the umbrella does not need to be held anymore.
  • Iron straws.
  • Folding chair stick.

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