Surpass United States, China become the world leader in patent application

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Surpass United States, China become the world leader in patent application

The development of the international patent filing application in the world is dominating by the so-called “Top Big Five Countries” according to Directorate General of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). One of the Top Big Five Countries for international patent filing is United States (US) which has been china-jadi-pemimpin_01dominating top chart for almost four decades. However, WIPO has reported the new top leader for the international patent filing application in 2019. This complete information is reported by our local newspaper, Kompas.

Nowadays many of developing countries have been aware in the protection of Intellectual Property Rights to support all of their activities towards their business. The increasing of the industrial activity in many countries for the past decades has been the main reason for the increased number of filing the Intellectual Property Rights in World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) which is established in 1967. One of the branches of the Intellectual Property Rights which has the most significant increased numbers is Patent.

WIPO the auspices of United Nations (UN) recorded that in 2019, China has recently become the number one for the World Leader in Filing the International Application dethroned United States (US) which has been in number one for almost four decades.

China has filed 265.800 International Patent Application in 2019 and this patent application has increased 5,2% from the patent application in 2018. The said patent application is the most application which has been recorded by WIPO up until now. One of the main categories in the WIPO’s complex system for filing the international patent is Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).  China has become number one for the first time in more than four decades with the number of patent application of 58.990.

In other words, China has surpasses US for only filed 57.840 patent application and has become the top ranked for PCT category every since the system effected in 1978. The following ranked recorded in WIPO after China and US is Japan, Germany and South Korea nominated them as the World’s Top Five Patent Filing.

Reports in WIPO shown that the applicants whose base on Asia has been contributed of 52,4% from all of patent applications, while Europe and United States contributed less than a quarter. The Chinese giant telecommunication, HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES has been globally ranked as number for three accumulative years in 2019 by filing 4.411 PCT applications. This situation is a reverse situation to the ongoing campaign by Washington lobbies around the world to avoid using that company’s telecommunications equipment for security reasons and also related to the US-China trade war.

Following HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES in second-position is Mitsubishi Electric Corp from Japan with 2.661 applications, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS from South Korea with 2.333 applications and Qualcomm Inc. from US with 2.127 applications. These mentioned applicants have a great reputation in the global market and is well-known by public.

In other words, it is very important that many people in developing countries have more appreciation towards Intellectual Property Rights to protect the businessman from the possibility of unauthorized use of the rights.



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