Understanding Patent Annuities in Indonesia

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The world of innovation thrives on patents, shields that guard the creations of ingenious minds from being copied. However, the path to securing an invention doesn’t end with the initial patent; constant watchfulness is needed to enforce those rights.

Here’s where patent annuities come in: vital tools for extending patent protection over time. These fees are essential for upholding the strength of patent rights, making it crucial to grasp their complexities.

At Am Badar & Am Badar, our seasoned expertise in navigating the landscape of patent annuity payments reflects our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your intellectual property assets. 

With a dedicated focus on ensuring client patent security, we stand poised to guide inventors through the complexities of protecting your innovations in Indonesia and beyond. Before reading this article, you may also read Leaking Patent Info According to Patent Law.

The Indonesian Patent Annuity System

If you are a new patent holder and barely know how to complete the patent annual payments in Indonesia, perhaps it is better to check down these points below:

1. What are Patent Annuities?

Patent annuities, or renewal or maintenance fees, are crucial annual payments needed to keep patents valid in Indonesia. According to Indonesian Intellectual Property Law, these fees ensure patents remain in force for up to 20 years, highlighting the ongoing commitment required from patent holders to maintain their intellectual property rights.

Patent annuities serve two purposes: encouraging holders to evaluate their patents’ economic value and covering administrative costs. Paying these fees on time is crucial to avoid patent invalidation.

For further information on Indonesian Intellectual Property Law and patent annuities, refer to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Indonesia. You must adhere to the regulations and deadlines set forth to maintain the enforceability of your patents.

2. Payment Schedule and Deadlines

In Indonesia, paying a patent annuity entails adherence to specific timelines to ensure the continuous validity of patents. The payment schedule begins with the first annuity, due six months after the grant date, payable to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP). 

This initial payment covers all annuities that would have been due throughout the application process, emphasizing the importance of timely submission.

For instance, if a patent is granted on January 20, 2022, the 1st annuity has to be paid by July 20, 2022. Subsequently, all following annuities have to be paid per year, one month before the anniversary of the filling time. For instance, if the filing time is November 9, subsequent annuities can be due on October 9 per year.

Adhering to these deadlines is crucial to avoid potential penalties or even the invalidation of patents. To ensure compliance and seamless intellectual property rights management, assistance from reputable sources like Am Badar & Am Badar or relevant government agencies is advisable. 

These entities can provide detailed guidance on the patent annuity payment schedule and offer cost-efficient solutions for renewing various intellectual property types in Indonesia.

3. Consequences of Missed Payments

Failure to pay patent annuities on time in Indonesia can invalidate the patent. However, you can request an extension by submitting a letter to the Minister at least seven days before the due date. If granted, you must pay the fee within 12 months of the original deadline, with an additional 100% fee.

There is no clear information on reviving lapsed patents, but reapplying might be possible with the correct form and parameters. This complex process may require professional legal assistance to comply with Indonesian regulations.

Collaborative Management of Patent Annuities

To complete the patent annual payment easier, it is better to rely on a local intellectual property law firm, like Am Badar & Am Badar. You can see our pages of contacts, insights, and services for further information. But before doing so, it is better to know about the benefits of partnering with this local IP law firm!

1. Benefits of Partnering with a Local IP Law Firm

Collaborating with a local IP law firm like Am Badar & Am Badar offers unparalleled advantages in ensuring the timely and efficient management of patent annuities.

  • Expertise in Tracking Annuity Deadlines

Am Badar & Am Badar guarantees that clients are notified well in advance. eWe monitor deadlines to prevent any potential lapses in payment.

  • Streamlined Annuity Payments

Handling annuity payments on behalf of clients is a cornerstone of Am Badar & Am Badar’s expertise. Our streamlined process eliminates administrative burdens for clients, ensuring seamless and error-free payment processing.

  • Monitoring Patent Validity

Am Badar & Am Badar go beyond mere payment processing; we actively monitor patent validity status and provide expert advice on potential renewal issues. With our in-depth knowledge of Indonesian Intellectual Property Law, we offer strategic guidance to uphold clients’ patents’ protection and enforceability.


Collaborating with Am Badar & Am Badar offers overseas IP law firms unmatched expertise in navigating Indonesia’s patent annuities system. Ensuring timely annuity payments is paramount for maintaining patent validity, and Am Badar & Am Badar – with the most reliable patent service – excels in this regard, safeguarding your patent security in Indonesia. 

Contact us today for a consultation on patent annuity management and comprehensive IP services to protect your intellectual property assets effectively! It is also recommended to check our services and insights pages, as well as to read this article: Simple Steps for Conducting a Patent Search!


Reviewed by Nabil Argya Yusuf

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