World IP Day

World Intellectual Property Day was established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2000, with the first celebration on April 26th, 2001. This date was chosen to commemorate the day the WIPO Convention came into effect in 1970.


Each year, the WIPO chooses a theme for World Intellectual Property Day that reflects current issues and challenges related to intellectual property. Recent themes have included “Innovation for a Green Future” and “IP & SMEs: Taking your Ideas to Market.” For 2023, WIPO has chosen “Women and IP” to highlight the issue and history of female inventors.


WIPO has celebrated World Intellectual Property Day in each edition through various events and activities. These include seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and competitions. In recent years, the WIPO has also organized a social media campaign using the hashtag #worldipday to encourage people to share their IP-related content. Given the widespread importance of IP, other organizations have also organized their unique event in honour of the date.


The key purpose of World Intellectual Property Day is to raise awareness about the importance of intellectual property rights. It also serves as an opportunity to recognize the contributions of innovators and creators who have used their talents to bring about positive change in the world. As we all know, Intellectual property rights provide creators and innovators with the legal protection they need to bring their ideas to market and benefit from their hard work. Without these protections, there would be little incentive for individuals and companies to invest in research and development. Furthermore, on a larger scale, Intellectual property also plays a crucial role in driving economic growth and job creation. Industries that rely heavily on intellectual property rights, such as pharmaceuticals, software, and entertainment, contribute significantly to the global economy and provide millions of jobs worldwide.


Thus, to improve the landscape of IP, educating the public on the value of intellectual property and its role in promoting innovation and creativity is crucial. World IP Day is important in developing the general population’s appreciation and consciousness of IP.


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