Indonesia’s Initiatives in International Patent Advancement

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Every year, patent applications in Indonesia continue to increase, so the government continues to improve the quality of national and international patent protection.

On a national scale, Indonesia’s government is revising the Patent Law to encourage national innovation by increasing IP registration, encouraging investment by adjusting international law, and improving services by simplifying regulations. Internationally, the government, through DGIP, is cooperating with the Europe Patent Office (EPO).

Europe Patent Office (EPO) is an institution that conducts search and substantive examination on European patent applications and international applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. The latest development of the cooperation process between EPO and DJKI is a bilateral meeting that was held on November 9, 2023, on the agenda of the 71st ASEAN Working Group on Intellectual Property Cooperation (AWGIPC) meeting in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

The results of several meetings between EPO and DGIP include several programs such as:

  1. A patent application validation system that will boost the innovation market, research and development system, and foreign investment in Indonesia.
  2. The EPO will provide priority access to all tools (at the same level as EPO member countries) and capacity-building programs in the form of training. The work for international patent applications in Indonesia can also be shared, resulting in national patents by national procedures and laws.
  3. The EPO’s Reinforced Partnership is an effort to further integrate and strengthen the global patent system by providing partner offices direct access to work products produced by 4,300 highly qualified and specialized patent examiners.
  4. Re-Use Program results from patent examination at the EPO, which can be used as a reference by patent examination at the DGIP. This program results from the cooperation established by DGIP with EPO as a Reinforced Partnership (RP).
  5. In human resource development (HR), cooperation is carried out through the On Job Training (OJT) program at the EPO office.

This bilateral relationship between the EPO and DGIP will positively impact providing impetus for the innovation market and research and development system as well as foreign investment in Indonesia.

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