Similar But Not The Same, Miniso, Usupso, Niceso, and Uniqlo Can Still Exist

All of these brands have similarities in their logos. The background color is bright red and uses Japanese letters. But do Partners know that Miniso, Usupso, and Niceso are not Japanese brands?

If you look at the first one to be present, of course Daiso, a 100 yen shop that has been present in Japan since December 1977, which was then followed by Muji in 1980. The difference is, Muji has a more elegant store concept. Uniqlo, which we know with its red logo, only appeared in 1991. Unlike Daiso and Muji, Uniqlo is a fashion brand, a shop that sells clothes, not accessories or household needs like the two seniors. But as a fashion brand, Uniqlo’s expansion to the rest of the world is much faster.

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