Government Regulation Number 100 of 2021 concerning Intellectual Property Consultant

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Intellectual Property consultants are a very important part of Intellectual Property services in Indonesia. Every individual or group with an interest or desire to protect their rights as creators or inventors should use the services of a consultant. These services can be in the form of expertise (knowledge and information) as well as registration of Intellectual Property to DGIP. Therein lies the function and contribution of Intellectual Property consultants in the development and improvement of Intellectual Property services which also provide impetus to national development.

This regulation, which was promulgated since September 27, 2021, is an update as well as repeal of Government Regulation Number 2 of 2005 concerning Consultants of Intellectual Property Rights and Presidential Regulation Number 84 of 2006 concerning Procedures for Appointing Consultants of Intellectual Property Rights. In addition to adapting the regulation to the actual situation on the field, this regulation was also formed to meet regulatory requirements in terms of the requirements for the appointment of Intellectual Property consultants. The increasing number of services or activities in the realm of Intellectual Property is the impetus for the establishment of more adequate and effective regulations.

Reality continues to develop, applicable laws must adapt so that there is no regulatory vacuum or ambiguous circumstances. Therefore, this Government Regulation must be enacted. In terms of impact, this regulation has a good impact in the form of creating improvement of the supervision/monitoring system, development of the performance of Intellectual Property consultants which is sustainable while they carry out their profession. This regulation also paved the way for the creation of an association for Intellectual Property consultants in Indonesia.

Goverment Regulation Number 100 of 2021 concerning Intellectual Property Consultant

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