5 Websites to Conduct an International Patent Search

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When you are planning to protect your patent internationally, then you will need to conduct an international patent search. However, this is not a simple task and oftentimes, it is challenging.

Some of the reasons why it is challenging are due to the diverse legal systems between countries, varying search databases, different patent filing procedures, the complexity of prior art, limited centralized resources, etc. 

This pertains to patents in Indonesia, covering aspects like claim numbers, duration of protection, etc. Explore more details in Get To Know Simple Patents and Patents.

Links for International Patent Search

Some websites can help you search. With detailed classifications and search keywords, you will be able to conduct a search of international patents. Here are five of them:

1. PatentScope (WIPO)

This website contains more than 105 million patent results. With this website, you can search by title, abstract, name, and even the filing date. That is why this website allows for detailed international patent search.

It has a user-friendly search interface and offers access to international patent databases. This website is great for anyone who is planning to protect a patent internationally. They have comprehensive results that will help you in applying for your patent. 

2. Espacenet (EPO)

This website specializes in European patents, but you can also find international patents here as well. It has more than 140 million patent documents in the world and is updated daily.  The website provides advanced search options and tools that make it easy to use. 

3. Nexis Uni

This website offers a search for patents from Europe (1978-present), Japan (1976-present), and worldwide (1978-present). The extensive database is helpful and the website is user-friendly as well. You can find the search form under the US Legal tab in the Lexis-Nexis Academic.

4. Engineering Village

This website offers bibliographic databases for anything related to engineering research literature. It also includes patents relevant to engineering products. 

5. European Patent Register

If you are looking for the most complete and updated resource for European patent applications, then you should visit the European Patent Register. This website offers links to patent registers from EPO member states. 

It contains detailed information such as the status after the grant, and when the national patent offices can take over responsibility over them.

This website also offers updated procedural information on the European patent application process. The services are free and it is easy to use. 

Entrust Your Legal Needs to Am Badar & Am Badar Law Firm

Despite these helpful websites, researching a patent registry is not a simple task. You will need to have a comprehensive understanding of the global patent system to be able to search effectively. 

Do your international patent search with a professional who has extensive knowledge and understanding of patent research. Professionals from Law Firms such as the Am Badar & Am Badar Law Firm will be able to help you conduct a comprehensive search. 

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The Am Badar & Am Badar Law Firm offers various services related to patents such as patent search, prosecution, dispute, opposition, drafting, and annuity.  With their experience, you will be able to ensure your invention’s novelty and therefore increase the chances of your patent being granted. Contact us and get more insights about this matter!


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