BJ Habibie, Former President of the Republic of Indonesia Owns 46 Aeronautical Patents

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He studied Mechanical Engineering at the Bandung Institute of Technology (“ITB”) for six months before transferring to Rhenisch Wesfalische Tehnische Hochscule-Germany in 1955. Habibie spent ten years in Aachen, Germany, completing his undergraduate and PhD degrees.

BJ Habibie began working as a doctorate student to support his family and the cost of his education. Immediately after graduation, BJ Habibie worked as Head of Research and Development on Aircraft Structural Analysis at Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB) Hamburg (1965-1969), then as Head of the Methods and Technology Division in the commercial and military aircraft sector at MBB in 1969-1973.

BJ Habibie was trusted as Vice President and Director of Technology at MBB (1973-1978) for his competence and accuracy, and became Senior Advisor in Technology to MBB’s Board of Directors in 1978. He was the only Asian to successfully hold the post of number two in this German aviation firm.

Habibie’s career was already quite successful before he turned 40, particularly in aircraft design and construction. Habibie was considered as a “diamond” in Germany as he was given a “honorable status,” both materially and intellectually. Habibie produced significant research results and theories to science and technology while working at MBB Germany in the domains of Thermodynamics, Construction, and Aerodynamics.

Some of his theoretical formulations are well-known in the aviation field, including the “Habibie Factor,” “Habibie Theorem,” and “Habibie Method.”

BJ Habibie holds many patents for his innovations in the subject of aeronautics, or the science involved in the research, design, and construction of flying vehicles, or procedures for operating airplanes and rockets in the atmosphere. Habibie is well-known for his expertise in the development of aerospace and aircraft technologies.

Some of Habibie’s aviation-related works include:

  1. VTOL (Vertical Take Off & Landing) Pesawat Angkut DO-31.
  2. Military Transport Aircraft TRANSALL C-130.
  3. Hansa Jet 320
  4. Airbus A-300
  5. CN-235
  6. N-250

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