Geographical indication treaty with EU

Indonesia’s Minister for Justice and Human Rights Amir Syamsudin met with Daian Ciolos, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, in Brussels on February 7 to plan a geographical indication treaty between the Indonesian government and the European Union. This treaty is expected to benefit both parties.

This treaty is a good opportunity to open the market of geographical indications between Indonesia and the EU. So, this treaty is expected to increase economic growth.

There are two geographical indication applications from the EU granted protection by the Indonesian IP Office, namely Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (Parmesan cheese) from Italy and Champagne wine from France. But there is no geographical indication application from Indonesia granted in the EU.

There are 24 products granted geographical indications in Indonesia both domestic and foreign :

1. Bali Kintamani Arabica coffee from Bali, Indonesia

2. Champagne from France.

3. Jepara carved furniture from Jepara, Indonesia.

4. Muntok white pepper from Bangka Belitung, Indonesia.

5. Gayo Arabica coffee from Aceh, Indonesia.

6. Pisco from Peru.

7. Sumedang black tobacco from Sumedang, Indonesia.

8. Sumedang mole tobacco from Sumedang, Indonesia.

9. Parmigiano Reggiano from Italy.

10. Sumbawa horse milk from Sumbawa, Indonesia.

11. Lombok Kangkong from Lombok, Indonesia.

12. Sumbawa honey from Sumbawa, Indonesia.

13. Adan Krayan rice from Krayan, Indonesia.

14. Flores Bajawa Arabica coffee from Flores, Indonesia.

15. Dieng Purwoceng from Dieng, Indonesia.

16. Dieng Carica from Dieng, Indonesia.

17. Alor vanilla from Alor, Indonesia.

18. Kalosi Enrekang Arabica coffee from Sulawesi, Indonesia.

19. Cilembu sweet potato from Sumedang, Indonesia.

20. Sleman Pondoh Salak from Jogyakarta, Indonesia.

21. Aceh Patchouli oil from Aceh, Indonesia.

22. Java Preanger Arabica coffee.

23. Java Ijen Raung Arabica coffee.

24. Sidoarjo smoked milkfish from Sidoarjo, Indonesia.

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