Patent Prosecution Highway between Indonesia and South Korea

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Last September, two memoranda of understanding (MOUs) were made between Indonesian Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) and the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO. One of which establishes a Patent Prosecution Highway  (PPH) program between Indonesian and South Korea, allowing applicants to use a Korean patent as a basis for patent applications in Indonesia.

PPH: Streamlining the Process

PPH is an initiative among various patent offices worldwide that streamlines the patent examination process. When an applicant’s claims are deemed patentable in one participating patent office, they can request accelerated examination of corresponding claims in another participating office. This process aims to leverage work done by one office to fasten the examination in another, thus reducing redundancy and improving efficiency.

While the PPH does allow applicants to potentially shorten the time it takes to obtain patents, it’s crucial to note that it doesn’t guarantee the grant of patent application. The examination criteria and standards of patentability still apply. However, the grant of a patent by one office does increase the likelihood of a grant from another.

Beneficial for both parties

The high number of patent applications between South Korea and Indonesia makes the introduction of this PPH initiative a significant, promising step for both nations. With the PPH program, the patent examination process is accelerated– applications that would normally take two until three years and could be done in less than one year under PPH. This development will surely be fruitful.

Building on longstanding PPH program between Indonesia and Japan, which commenced in 2013 and has undergone multiple renewals, this initiative stands as a testament to proven success. One could anticipate that the PPH agreement between Indonesia and South Korea could yield similarly favorable outcomes—one that mutually benefits both parties.


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