Indonesia is in the top 10 in WIPO’s intellectual property application

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According to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights , the number of intellectual property (IP) applications in Indonesia is among the top ten highest among developing countries members of the world intellectual property organization (WIPO). Razilu, Acting Director General of Intellectual Property at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, stated that Indonesia ranks first among WIPO members with middle income in terms of trademark registration. In addition, among WIPO members, Indonesia ranks in the top ten in terms of simple patent registration.

According to WIPO 2021 annual report statistical data, released at the end of 2022, the number of Indonesian Trademark applications ranks second, with 127,142 applications. Mexico leads with 199,389 applications. At the same time, Vietnam had 113,079 applications, Argentina 85,844, Ukraine 71,234, Philippines 64,946, Colombia 55,606, Pakistan 51,325, Peru 42,605, and South Africa 39,863.

Indonesia ranks tenth among WIPO member intellectual property offices in terms of simple patent applications, with a total of 3,249 applications. China 2,852,219 people, Germany 10,576, Russia 9,079, Australia 7,844, Japan 5,238, Turkey 4,490, Ukraine 4,425, South Korea 4,009, and Thailand 3,762.

According to Razilu, in order to continue increasing the number of applications for and protection of domestic IP, DGIP is implementing digital-based innovations that are simple, inexpensive, and transparent. The DGIP launched the Automatic Copyright Registration Approval system (POP HC) and the Automatic Approval of Trademark Applications in 2022 (POP Trademark). In addition, POP HC aims to complete copyright registration applications in less than 10 minutes, which can be accessed via the page. On the other hand, POP Trademark applies to three automatic Trademark post-approval services, namely Trademark protection extension, license recording, and official excerpts, by speeding up the process to less than 10 minutes. POP Trademark can be found at

International registrants can also feel the benefits of using POP HC and POP Trademark. Still, international registrants must register their Trademarks and copyrights through an Intellectual Property consultant from Indonesia. Therefore, if you need IP services, don’t hesitate to contact us via We will provide the most appropriate solution according to your situation.


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