Indonesian Copyright Law will be Revised

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Mr. Ahmad Ramli Director General For Intellectual Property Right of Indonesia (the second person from the left) met with Indonesian House of Representatives in order to amend the Indonesian Copyright Law on August 12th , 2014.

Afghan Syah Reza (the first person from rights) who’s known as Indonesian pop singer and Indonesian IP Ambassador followed this meeting.

Afghan said that copyright protection in Indonesia will encourage and increase the investment in Indonesia. It is very important, especially for many people in Indonesia who work in creative industry (movie, music, entertainment and mass media). Afghan said that copyright piracy in Indonesia especially in Music, will kill the creativity of singer, composers and music recording companies.

There are several amendment of Indonesian Copyright Law as follows :

1. Malls’ owner in Indonesia that sell pirated goods will be jailed (maximum of two months) or will be fined of IDR 100 million.

2. Pirated goods seller in Indonesia will be jailed (5 year) and fines of up to IDR 2.5 billion.

3. Pirated goods buyer will be jailed for 30 days or will be fined (10 times) from pirated goods that was bought.


This amendment is expected to reduce pirated goods in Indonesian market.

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