McDonald’s Files Trademark in the Metaverse, What’s on the Menu?

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Various firms, including McDonald’s fast-food restaurants, have expanded their operations into the Metaverse.

McDonald’s is prepared to debut its virtual restaurant and is registering ten (ten) trademarks in the Metaverse universe, known as Mcmetaverse, on February 4, 2022, at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

On February 3, 2022, Panera Bread, a fast-food company with a cafe and bakery concept that has over 2,000 outlets across the United States and Canada, applied for trademark registration under the name Paneverse. Mcmetaverse and Paneverse will both have downloaded, virtual-usable food and beverages, and NFT and the possibility to buy physical things with delivery or McDelivery.

The world’s most famous fast-food restaurant’s trademarks encompass five services, which are as follows:

  1. Online retail services featuring virtual goods;
  2. Virtual restaurant featuring actual and virtual goods;
  3. Online virtual restaurants, virtual food, and beverage products with downloadable multimedia files containing artwork, text, audio, and video files as well as NFT;
  4. Virtual restaurant with virtual and actual home delivery services;
  5. Entertainment services include providing actual and virtual online concerts and other virtual events.

According to Josh Gerben, an intellectual property attorney, registration applications are typically examined by the USPTO in 8 (eight) to 9 (nine) months. Thus McDonald’s should have no trouble securing Mcmetaverse trademark clearance.

Furthermore, with its presence in Metaverse, meals that are regularly bought through McDonald’s outlets will be able to be ordered through Mcmetaverse, both as NFT and in natural form through McDelivery services.

Gerben further stated that it is expected that every other well-known business would make similar entries in the following 12 (twelve) months. Given that no one wants to be the next Blockbuster, a movie rental firm went bankrupt due to a failure to adapt to changing circumstances.

As a result, McDonald’s and Panera Bread are forerunners in the culinary industry, preparing for a coming revolution in virtual restaurant businesses. Trademark registration in Metaverse may continue to rise with the company’s development into other markets, one of which is the culinary industry.

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