Moderne Creation Mounchen Reisegepack Gmbh Sucessful Cancellation Action Against the MCM Trademark Registration of Stefen Rudy

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Trademark of MCM

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By : Agus candra Suratmaja, S.P

Staff of  Strategic Management Ambadar & Partners

Am Badar & Partners sucessfully represented Moderne Creation Mounchen Reisegepack Gmbh as the owner of the world famous MCM trademark on its trademark cancellation action against the MCM trademark registration of Stefen Rudy.

 In its decision The Supreme Court of Republic of Indonesia declares that (i) Trademark of MCM owned by Moderne Creation Mounchen Reisegepack Gmbh is well-known trademark. (ii) Stefen Rudy registered its MCM trademark in bad faith as it is similar to Moderne Creation Mounchen Reisegepack Gmbh trademark.

Supreme Court of Indonesia stated that according to Article 6 (1) b of Trademark Law, an Application of Trademark shall be rejected by the Directorate General if the Trademark has similarity in principle or in entirety to an already well-known Trademark owned by another party for goods and/or services of the same type, and according to Article 4 of Trademark Law, the trademark shall not be registered on an Application made by an Applicant with bad faith.

Trademark of MCM established in Germany on 1975 by Michael Cromer. Sungjoo Design Tech & Distribution bought this trademark on 2005 and change the name of trademark of Michael Cromer Munich to be Moderne Creation Mounchen.2

MCM trademark is the world famous trademark because Moderne Creation Mounchen Reisegepack Gmbh has branch offices in eight countries with more than 270 boutiques in 30 countries.

Moderne Creation Mounchen has opened a boutique in several countries such as USA, Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia and South Africa.

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2. Mode Creation Munich


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