Seminar of Intellectual Property Rights with JETRO

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The Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights of Indonesia was cooperate with  The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) to hold the Seminar of Intellectual Property Rights at Hotel Royal Kuningan Jakarta (December 02, 2013). This event was opened by Director General for Intellectual Property Rights of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Ahmad M.Ramli, SH, MH, FCBarb. There were 150 participants who attending this seminar including JETRO representatives, the Law Enforcement Officers and Japan Companies in Indonesia.

Ahmad Ramli said that there were many counterfeit of spare part and counterfeit of electronic goods in Indonesia, therefore, the repressive methods like doing seized the counterfeit products very important to eradicate the piracy in Indonesia. The  Law Enforcement Officers in Indonesia must knowing the different of the original products and the counterfeit products. So, They can conduct the investigation and seized its counterfeit product with appropriately.

According to Data from MIAP and LPEM FEUI (October, 2012), the counterfeit product of pharmacy  (3,5%), cosmetics (6,4%), oil (7%), pesticide (7,7 %), drinks (8,9 %), cigarette (11,5%), electronic (13,7 %), spare part (16,8 %), clothing (30,2%), software (34,1%) and leather goods (35,7 %). According this data, we can know that leather goods was the highest pirated goods in Indonesia. Meanwhile, spare part counterfeit is 16,8 % and electronic counterfeit is 13,7 %.

Ramli said that we would educate all people of Indonesia to use the original product continuously, and held many event of socialization in many place like mall to educate many people about IP. It’s very important for them in order that they can distinguish the original product and the counterfeit product.

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