Socialization of Using the Electronic Copyright Application System (e-Copyright)

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In July 3, 2014, Jakarta,  Secretary of Directorate General of IPR, Ir. Razilu, M.Si, opened seminar about Socialization of Using the Electronic Copyright Application System (e-Copyright), attended by   35  Intellectual   Property  Rights  Consultants.  Ir.   Razilu   said    that    e-services   Copyright

(e-copyright) is a realization of DJHKI commitment in providing excellent services to the community. “This e-copyright is also expected to facilitate the IPR consultants in providing services to the public. Not only Copyright, the entire  IPR registration services  later on will use an electronic registration system” said Ir. Razilu.

“It started with one thought in the whole range of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, that wanted to provide fast service in all their public services”,said Ir. Razilu. “But  IPR services is very different from the services performed by the Directorate General of Legal Administration and Directorate General of Immigration services. In the IPR registration service can not be as fast as  those services, because  we need to do   Substantive examination, Announcement Stage and other  flows that are accepted internationally,” added Ir. Razilu.

After being  examined, E-Copyright is an IPR service  that  is  more quickly than  other IPR services. Reguler Copyright registration  usually takes 9 months, but now with e-Copyright, it will only   take  14 days   to  obtain  a  certificate  of  copyright.  Director of Information Technology, Dr. Drs. Kardjono, SH. M.Hum explained that the duration of 14 days is based on in-depth study of the entire team DJHKI. The concerns are related to the provisions of the legislation. “Whether this copyright may violate public order, violation of religious norms and moral norms, so that the stakeholders can be responsible for all of the regulated provisions”, explain  Kardjono.

E-copyright service will be used by the Regional Offices of Ministry of  Department  of   Law and   human right, registered IPR consultants and IPR centers throughout Indonesia. DJHKI stakeholders will be given an  account to be able to use  e-copyright. The account owner will receive the standard provisions that must be agreed upon and adhered to.

This  e-copyright registration process is also provided by   e-payment  through some banking services that have cooperated with DJHKI.

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