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Am Badar & Partners

Outstanding boutique Am Badar & Partners has long retained a spot at the top table of Indonesia’s IP market. It earns special commendations for its prosecution output; its ability to secure protection quickly and efficiently sets it apart from its rivals. Recent efforts made to bolster its enforcement division have paid dividends, and its largely international clientele now also considers it a go-to firm for contentious mandates. Leading from the front is “true trademark star” Nadia Am Badar, Annisa Am Badar, Nabila Am Badar and Dora Am Badar. [1]

Am Badar & Partners is the best trademark attorney in Indonesia. According to data from Indonesian Trademark Office, we have filed a number of 1.821 trademark applications to Indonesian trademark office on period of 2013.  We have 4 trademark attorneys in our office as follows :

1. Nadia Am Badar, S.H

2. Annisa Am Badar, S.H, LL.M

3. Nabila Am Badar, S.H, LL.M

4. Dora Am Badar, S.Psi

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Am Badar & Partners

Jl. Wahid Hasyim No. 14 Jakarta 10340 Indonesia

Phones:   62 21 3983 7314 and 7315

Faxes:     62 21 3983 7319 and 7300




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